6 jun

HTML Color Codes: Red to Yellow to Green

I would like to come up with as many HEX HTML values to have a smooth color gradient from red to green:

I would like this to be similar to the following: http://www.utexas.edu/learn/html/colors.html

I don't have the best eye for color choices, so I'm hoping a standard chart is already put together showing how to transition from red through yellow to green smoothly.

On that website "1 of 6" is most similar to what I'm looking for, but that example is limited to 11 colors:

(1) FF0000 Red, 
(2) FF3300 Red(Orange)
(3) ff6600 
(4) ff9900 
(5) FFCC00 Gold 
(6) FFFF00 Yellow
(7) ccff00
(8) 99ff00
(9) 66ff00
(10) 33ff00
(11) 00FF00 Lime 

It would be great to be able to double the number of colors, but yet make them transition smoothly.

Thanks for any insights and help.



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