6 jun

is stub modifies Axis2 configurationContext

I am using apache axis2 library for consuming soap based web services I have observed that whenever I have created a stub or configurationContext object it will create some files into my tomcat temp directory and after some days the size of temp folder goes to GB's. After some analysis, I have found that this temp file is created every time configurationContext is created.

So, I am thinking about to create one default configurationContext object which can be used throughout my application.

This configurationContext object can be used by multiple types of stubs (Appx I have 12 to 15 different types of stubs in my application) I ensure that I have never modified configurationContext object in my application. However, I am passing this configurationContext object to the constructor of stub classes.

So here I have concern about there is any chances that stub class internally modifies this configurationContext object which causes issue when I use same configurationContext object in another stub?

Ex. I have passes configurationContext object while creating a stub1 object now I set username parameter and timeout values in stub1, will this modifies my configurationContext object?



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